Rhinoplasty is commonly known as the Nose Job and as the name suggests, this is a surgery which can change the shape of nose on a human face. Those who are not happy with the shape of their nose are mostly the ones who opt for rhinoplasty.

But before going for this surgery one needs to know some basic things. Going under the knife is a very bold decision. So one must not take it in haste. They should consider all the factors and then decide to carry on. One can only go for this surgery only if they think that the potential benefits are more than the potential risks that may come with it. Each and every surgery has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Doing a nose job is also not an exception.

Now, what are the potential advantages of rhinoplasty? Here are some.


There are some times, when nose can appear as a distracting feature on a human’s face. There are some particular appearances of nose which can make the face look imbalanced. This can actually hamper the other features of the face and how a person looks. When we are talking about imbalanced nose it does not mean flat nose, broad nose or small nose. It becomes urgent to change the shape of nose only if the problem is bigger. If the shape of the nose distorts the face then only it is advisable to change the shape of it.

 Improves Nasal Airflow

There are many nose structures which creates a problem with the air flow in the nasal passage which in turn can create breathing problems. This can happen due to some major accidents, sports injury or from any deviation in the nasal septum. In this structure a wall is present which separates the right and left side of the nose. But if the septum is crooked then either the left or the right side becomes narrow and it leads to the blockage of sir flow in the nasal passage. To make this normal one might have to undergo a septoplasty along with rhinoplasty. This is performed in order to straighten the septum and the crooked nose so that the nasal passage has normal air flow. Also the appearance of the nose improves. There is another nose structure that can hamper the normal air flow in nasal passage and it is known as the inferior turbinate. A nasal surgery can be performed in order to shrink the size of the turbinate so that it improves the air flow. This surgery is also known as the turbinoplasty and yes it will not change the appearance of the nose.

Self-image and Confidence

People often suffer from lower self esteem or self image issues because they are not happy with how their nose looks like. Also going under the knife and repairing the nose structure can give a boost to their self confidence.

One can get suggestion from the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India before going under the knife.


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