Maintain Healthy Hair

Hair tips can be very useful to everyone because who does not want to have healthy hair. It is estimated that about 78 percent of women are not happy with the hair type they have. It can be a real issue to maintain good as well as attractive tresses.

You can read through several beauty tips in Hindi for hair to make your hair more beautiful. But before going through the tips, it is important that you keep the do’s and don’ts of hair care in mind. They are basics of maintaining shinier and voluminous hair.

  • While you shop for hair brushes and combs, make sure you get ones that are manufactured from natural materials. This will help in keeping your tresses damage free and healthy.
  • Try to avoid using a towel to dry your damp hair. This is because your hair is quite vulnerable and weak when it is wet. It is better to squeeze out the extra water lightly before drying it. This will help in protecting your hair from breakage and split ends. You can make use of a t-shirt for drying instead of a towel.

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  • Try to use different hair oils or good quality serums to get the shine that you desire. Try to use a hydrating mask for hair repair once every week. To do this, you can apply “ready-made” hair masks or prepare one at home. Leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes. You can add oils like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. for a better finish. Make sure that when you apply the oil, you are using a circular motion for nourishment. This will work wonders in enhancing the quality of your hair. There are plenty of beauty tips for hair in Hindi you can start following from today to maintain gorgeous hair.
  • Try to not use straightening irons and blow dryers too many times on your precious hair. These tools are known to make the tresses weak and rough, later destroying the look of your hair.
  • If you want some extra shine in your hair, you can make use of lemon juice. Cut one lemon in half and pour add it to a bottle of water. After you are done conditioning and rinsing your hair the last time, you can use this concoction in the final step. This will make your hair shinier and softer.
  • It is very important that you eat plenty of raw fruits, fresh vegetables, and drink water. It will help in improving your hair quality along with providing other beneficial effects on the body.
  • Do not wash your hair daily as it is not good for the health of your hair. When you wash your tresses, make sure that you use lukewarm water as hot water could make your scalp too dry and result in irritation.
  • Do not pull your hair too much when you are doing a ponytail or styling your hair. Using too much pressure may result in weakening of the hair roots to cause hair fall and breakage.

Follow these tips judiciously to enjoy having lustrous and shiny hair.


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